We'd like thank a few people without whom our music wouldn't exist.

Jono Steer — Producer

Despite constant delays, broken down cars, missed trains and mysterious illnesses, you made the whole process a joy.

Charlotte Abroms

Thanks for the much needed advice, lyrical chats, shop talk, emails and for believing we're half decent.

Blake Rayner & The Orchard Team

Thanks for being the first person to play the record on repeat and for going into bat for us.

The Yarra City Council

Thanks for supporting the arts through COVID-19. This latest piece of work could not have gone ahead without the grant we recieved.

Shari Hindmarsh — PR, AU

Thanks for convincing us we were interesting.

Sabrina Sheehan — PR, IRE

Thanks for telling our story back home and for never giving us the sell
(we didn't deserve it).

Ainslie Wills

Thanks for the Zoom calls, for letting us invade your patch of paradise, and for convincing me to sing.

Al Parkinson — Photographer

Thanks for the stressfull fun, for driving out to the sticks, and for not slipping completely off the road.
We'd make one hell of a pit crew.

Heather Bishop

Thanks for letting us take photos in your beautiful home even though you don't like people leaving the fridge door open.

Aoife Murphy

Thanks for listening to the songs a thousand times and still finding a way to improve them once they were finished.

Our friends, family, & partners

Thanks for coming to the gigs, putting up with the noise and being swell.